LLDikti Wilayah III

LLDikti Wilayah III

Opening ceremony of the hungary welcomes the world: stipendium hungaricum scholarship and career expo

Opening Ceremony of the Hungary Welcomes the World: Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship and Career Expo, an event to promote the Stipendium Hungaricum Hungarian higher education scholarship program, as well as the Indonesian IISMA and IISMAVO scholarships.

The event will be held on:

Date: 14 October 2023 (Saturday)

Venue: Martha Chris na Tiahahu Literacy Garden – Blok M Jakarta. Jl. Sisin mangaraja, RT 3 RW 1, Kota Jakarta Selatan 12160

Time: 09:00-10:45

The purpose of the event is to promote higher educa on collaboration, including the scholarships and internship programs provided by the Hungarian Gove ment, especially the S pendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme, on the 10th anniversary of its launch. This occasion holds unmense signi cance as it sters educa onal and intercultural connec ons between our two nations.

The target audience of the event is young Indonesians in the age group of 18-30 who are interested in studying in Europe, especially in Hungary. As for the location, we chose the Martha Chris na Tiahahu Literacy Garden, an open community space in Jakarta. The initiative will serve as a get­ together for all relevant stakeholders – companies, universities, students, goverment officials and will be a great opportunity for holding relevant panel discussions as well. Please kindly find the program attached for your reference.

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