Dear respected Lecturers and Researchers in Communication and Business Studies,

We are honored to invite you to participate in The 4th International Conference Communication and Business (ICCB) 2021:

“Threading the Post-Pandemic Communication and Business Practices: What’s Next for Growth and Opportunity?”

This conference will be held on:

Day/ Date : Tuesday & Wednesday/ March 9-10, 2021
Venue : Online, via video conferencing apps, (Zoom/Google Meet)

Sub-topics covered:
• Business Survivability Post-pandemic
• Community Services
• Corporate Communication
• Corporate responsibility, ethics, and accountability
• Disruption in Sharing Economy
• Entrepreneurships
• Environmental Communication
• Financing in Crisis
• Health Communication
• International Communication
• Managing technology & innovation
• Marketing Communication
• Media Studies
• Resources management and Sustainable development
• Social entrepreneurship and its sustainability
• Tourism/Hospitality

For information & registration, please visit